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Darren K. Proulx

Darren K. Proulx (Pronounced “Prue”) is a third-generation entrepreneur. In Mr. Proulx’s career he has built and sold businesses in varying industries.

These experiences provide a unique perspective that can be drawn upon to help and assist other business owners and entrepreneurs.

MortonReynolds was founded as a Business Consultation Firm that allows Mr. Proulx and other Firm Associates to offer consultation services in areas of direct knowledge and experience.


Name: Puneet K.

Location: Carson City

Title: CEO

Industry: Multi Location Franchisee

"I would recommend Darren as your next business consultant; Darren is dedicated to his customers and is willing to spend the time to understand and solve issues.

I have utilized Darren’s services to work out the details of complicated business matters. Besides his knowledge and work ethic working with Darren is fun because he can make problem-solving look easy at times."

Name: Nello G.

Location: Nevada & Colorado

Title: CEO (Publicly Traded)

Industry: Healthcare

"Darren is one of the few "out of the box" thinkers I know. Over the years, I have worked with Darren to solve problems and challenges with creativity."

Name: W. David K.

Location: California

Title: General Contractor

Industry: Construction

"Over 20 plus years, I have presented many different business issues and ideas to Darren for his counsel. When making vital decisions for my construction company, I often call Darren first.

Darren’s foundation of knowledge transcends many types of businesses and industries."

Name: Denise F. Q.

Location: Nevada

Title: Non-Profit CEO

Industry: Healthcare

"Darren Proulx is a sparkling entrepreneur! His motivation and energy are consistent and reliable and fun!

I appreciate his zest for life and especially for mentoring business-minded individuals to be self-reliant and have cash flow.

Thanks, Darren, for your example to me and for our businesses."

Name: David D.

Location: Nevada

Title: Investor

Industry: Retired

"Over many years, Darren has been a smart, trusted source for business opportunities. I now consider him a friend."

Name: Dan A.

Location: Nevada

Title: Co-Founder/CPA

Industry: Trucking

"I have known and worked with Darren for over 25 years in various capacities.

I can tell you I have always enjoyed his counsel and strategizing new or current business ideas. He is creative and a true entrepreneur.

In my journey of building a successful company I have found a mentor to assist me and I can tell you it is invaluable."

Name: Brian S.

Location: Calgary, Canada

Title: CEO

Industry: Furniture/Real Estate

"I have found Darren to be extremely knowledgeable and an enthusiastic dispenser of valuable information."

Name: Pamela J. S.

Location: California

Title: Mortgage Broker

Industry: Real Estate

"Darren Proulx and I have had a business relationship for close to 25 years. I would not hesitate to recommend Darren whom I know to be ethical, reliable, and knowledgeable."

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